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Victaulic help

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I dont deal with victaulic fittings and systems ever, but i tried to take on the task of repairing a leak on a 4" victaulic coupling for a water chiller, if kinda of lost and dont know where to start, from shutting of the water to powering down the pump system, my uncle said usual you could find the water shut off near the sprinkler room, is that true ? also how do those systems work do i have bleed all the air out and if so where. I have pictures if that would help out and video.

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  1. Terry's Avatar
    Victaulic are just rubber o-rings inside a two bolt clamp. When the system is under pressure, the rubber seal spreads out and makes a tight connection. Removing a clamp allows access to the rubber seal, which can be replace or move out of the way while working.