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Vortens ADA comfort height toilet?

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I am interested in finding out more information regarding the ADA Comfort Height Vorten Toilets. Would you be able to point me in a direction; i.e. a website where I can find all the information I can on this particular produce.

Thank you,

Pat B
I have a Vorten Model 3113-3436 confort height toilet and it is the best thing I ever bought. Very easy to sit on and get back up since old age has stiffend the joints.

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  1. Terry's Avatar
    I had a Vortens pressure assist in my master bathroom.
    Compared to a gravity toilet, it was nosier and didn't clean the bowl as well.

    The model you list, is the dual flush from WDI in China.
    I quit selling those tanks, as 40% of the tanks came back in the first six months and I no longer sell them.

    Here is a link about the WDI Ecoflush dual flush tank.

    WDI Technology EcoFlush made in China

    When the dual flush unit fails, you can replace it with a Flushmate 1.1 GPF pressure tank.

    Whereas the WDI EcoFlush is very new, the Flushmate brand has been around for about twenty years and is made in Detroit Michigan.
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