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Bosch dishwasher model: SHU5316UC/UO6

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The dishwasher nearly always starts at 2 hours and takes forever to run. It also stays on "1 minute" for a long time. I'm thinking the heat element is bad and its having trouble keeping the water temp hot enough. But I hate to spend the $245 for the heater and not be sure that's the problem.

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  1. jagman's Avatar
    Help! Hey guys - what am I the red headed stepchild?? No replies to my Bosch dishwasher problem and my wife is beating the tar out of me on this. Help me out here before I have to spend the $245 on a new heater.
  2. DurhamMike's Avatar
    Probably a burnt-out connection on the main circuit board. I had exactly the same problem. I looked on the web and found a couple of photos that showed exactly the same as what the circuit board in my dishwasher showed. I re-soldered the connection using lots of solder, so that it acts like a heat sink. Could this be design flaw on Bosch's part - they'll never acknowledge that!