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Thanksgiving clog messes

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It happens every Thanksgiving starting around 8pm when people are cleaning up their Thanksgiving meal, and continuing for 24 hours. We get lots of calls from customers with Los Angeles drain cleaning problems. Nearly all the drain clog calls are the result of customer negligence.

Just 3 hours ago one of our service technicians went on an emergency call. Rather than simply throw away their uneaten turkey, the customer in their infinite wisdom decided to put her garbage disposal to the max test. I wish my technician took a picture because he couldn't believe the mess she had made!

When things were starting to back up, the customer didn't simply stop and call us. She just kept plugging up the disposal with more turkey and bones, even the aluminum pan!

The disposal blades eventually broke and the motor burnt out. You would think that would stop her, but she kept going on, forcing the pieces down the pipe until everything got so clogged that her kitchen overflowed.

When my technician asked her what she was thinking she said, "I thought everything would just flush away by itself." True story.

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