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Gerber Maxwell toilet 21-402 clogs weekly

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I purchased a newly constructed home in 2007. Each of the three bathrooms (2 up, one down) have Gerber Maxwell toilets. The downstairs toilet is a model 21-402 with 28-490 tank. The MaP rating is 300 grams. All three toilets have clogged weekly or biweekly since we (two adults, one pre-teen) took occupancy. I swapped-out the downstairs toilet with an American Standard that worked even worse. I subsequently re-installed the Gerber. We have ceased flushing paper but problems continue. In that all 3 toilets are consistently poor solid waste flushers is there any way to tell whether it is just a case of lousy toilets or is it more likely that there is something else wrong with the plumbing system? We do have low water pressure and the contractor installed a pressure assist device in the basement. I have seen posts suggesting low water pressure may be the culprit. I do not understand how water pressure has anything to do with poor flushing in a gravity-fed toilet other than refilling the tank. Our neighbors in this subdivision have different toilets: American Standard... and do not have problems. I remember visiting the house when it was being framed. There were all sorts of "cut-outs" round wooden disks from where plumbing and electrical paths were cut out or the flooring, studs... I often wonder whether one or more of these hockey pucks may have accidentally (or intentionally) knocked down into the waste line. I have also read that an obstruction in the vent stack on the roof top might be a cause.

a. Does anyone know whether this particular Gerber model is a dud? The American Standard worked no better and I do not want to start a collection of unworthy toilets in my garage.

b. Is low water pressure really a possible source of poor flushing? I checked the water pressure (without the power assist motor being plugged-in) a few years ago. I do not remember the actual reading but do recall that it was within normal parameters.

c. Is it worth having the drain line "roto-rooted" (our subdivision was built on an old farm and wooded land that was bulldozed, not a tree remains so I am not sure roots could be a problem. The soil in our yard is extremely compacted - I presume from the logging and construction vehicles).


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