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How to Take Care of Your Double Glazed Windows

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Adding double glazed windows can raise the overall look and energy efficiency of your house but you can still run into some problems with it. Read on to find out what these complications are and how you could remedy them.

Upgrading your old windows with double glazing is a great home improvement measure that can certainly have direct positive effects. New double glazing will quickly improve the electrical efficiency of your house and add to its worth. But no matter how well you try to take care of your double glazed windows, you might encounter some issues with it.

This article puts together an extensive list of the most typical problems people get in relation to their double glazed windows. Even though these only happen as a result of damages and even faulty assembly, we’re informing you now so you can stop them from happening at some point. Here are 4 problems you should be aware about:

1. Condensation on Double Glazed Windows

Condensed double glazing sometimes happens either because of faulty parts and installation or humidity. Be wary of fractures in your double glazing or fittings no longer working properly as this may cause moisture build-up.

Excessive variations in humidity can cause window condensation. If your home is a lot warmer than the climate outside, it can cause water droplets to form. Regulate the humidity level by making sure moist air inside your home goes out.

2. Non-functioning locks and busted handles

Damaged handles makes your windows pretty much useless. Furthermore, having dysfunctional locks can raise risks of illegal entries and robberies. In case you begin to notice that your window’s handles and tresses are not in excellent condition, call your reliable repairman to ensure your home’s safety and protection.

3. Chipped Glass Panes

Damaged window panes don’t manifest on its own. Most of the time, they happen as a result of an external element put on to it. It could possibly be a stone or a ball. Don’t keep that cracked window pane for a long time since you are likely to experience more issues if you keep them. So be sure you get them replaced right away to avoid moisture and security problems from happening.

4. Stuck hinges

Jammed hinges on your window? Your window still remains a piece of equipment so it is safe to say that it still needs care. Have the hinges of your windows applied with lubricant frequently or on a schedule to help keep your windows working perfectly. Maintaining your window hinges prevent windows from jamming.

A happy and secure home starts when your double glazing windows are in good condition so make sure you are aware about the key areas to take care of. Addressing these four double glazing hitches are as easy as 1-2-3-4!

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