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Is Central Air The Best Cooling Option?

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Record high temperatures have been experienced in many parts of the country during this last summer, and unfortunately not everyone is able to afford central air conditioning, which is the mot efficient cooling option. There are some other options that are available to cool your home during the summer months, and these central air conditioner reviews can help you to decide.


The cost of keeping your home cool is an important consideration for most homeowners and the cost tends to be higher if you live in an older or larger home. You can expect to pay up to $1,000 for a central air conditioning unit, although this figure can be a lot higher if installing a unit will require a lot of duct work.

You should also expect the cost of your electricity bill to be more; in fact it can be up to more than $100 if you have a central unit installed in your home. If you have problems with the unit, you will also have to pay for repairs or servicing.


After the cost, performance and efficiency are important to most homeowners and central air keeps your home at the temperature that you want, much more efficiently than other cooling methods.

The air quality in your home is also better if you use central air, as most central air conditioner reviews will verify. If there is anyone in your home suffering from asthma or another respiratory condition, the filtration system in central units minimizes the risks and ensures they are as comfortable as possible. In addition, mold and stagnant air are kept to a minimum.

Central Air Or Window Units?

Window units are ideal for anyone on a budget, and the initial cost is a lot less than that of a central air unit, even if you buy several window units. However, the biggest drawback is that these units are simply not efficient and will struggle to keep your house as cool as you would like it to be, especially during extremely hot weather. Although the air quality is generally not as good, window units do a good Job of eliminating molds and allergens and you will find that your home is cool for longer even if the unit is not running.

Central Air Or Fans?

Fans tend to circulate the air and prevent it from becoming too stagnant, although they do not do a great job of actually cooling. If you are on a tight budget however, fans are certainly the least expensive option and when combined with one or more window units, can be more effective.

The above alternative cooling systems and central air conditioner reviews should help you to decide which system is best for you. regardless of how you choose to cool your house, it is important to make sure that you are keeping cool, especially during really hot weather. Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are all too common and keeping your home, yourself and your pets cool is recommended for everyone.


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