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Some Simple Do-it-Yourself Repair Tips

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Hey folks! Hope you guys are doing great. We are also having a rocking time at EASYFix, our customer base is growing, and we are getting enhanced media exposure. But, today we are not going to talk about that guy’s. We just thought that today we will cover something really interesting and so we came up with 10 awesome facts that we think you all should know about plumbing.
So shall we start? Cool…
• Can you name the most famous plumbers of all time? Think!! Well, they are none other than Mario and Luigi, two of the most famous video game characters of all times, they have been around since we were kids and they are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

• Copper Piping is considered to be the most heavily used component in plumbing work in the modern world. But did you know? About 3000 years back, the Egyptians were using the same component to lay out their pipelines as well…

• So you thought that a toilet seat was pretty much a modern-day invention. But as a matter of fact, the earliest known toilet seat was discovered by archeologists in China. It belongs to a king of the western Han dynasty (206 BC-24 AD) and know what? It had running water much like what we have these days, except it also had armrests to make the king feel comfortable. Although, the toilet seat was made out of stone, but you have to agree that’s real advanced for those times.

• The World renowned physicist and thinker Albert Einstein was an honorary member of the plumbers and steamfitters union. How did he end up being so? Well, once he publically announced that he would rather become a plumber than having to do it all over again.

• Another famous physicist Leonard Susskind, who is now a professor of Theoretical Physics at the acclaimed Stanford University, began life as a plumber at the age of 16. But today, he has joined the ranks of other renowned theoretical physicists like Dr. Michio Kaku. He has also proved Sir Stephen hawking (The only living genius after Albert Einstein) wrong, about his theory regarding Black Holes.

I am sure not many of you knew about all this. So, if you liked this post and think that these 5 facts are indeed awesome, then do share this post with your friends and let them know too!!
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