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confusing problem

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jthomsenrn@gmail.comI live in the Adirondacks of NY known for confusing water problems. I have a 600 ft well with an old 2hp pump at 380 feet down a 6 in casing runing into the house. Were not in a drought and i dont think the water tabel dropped but the pressuer switch keeps tripping. It will reset manualy without difficulty and water will be available, only once and a while will I get a spit or sputter of air. I will go days of regular usage without any difficulty then the next day with mild usage it it will trip several times. Ive had a well company test all the switches, and pressure tank and they said the well is dry I need a completly new system. How do I test the pressure switch or tank? If my well is dry why is some days good others not? Any other suggestions?

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