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Unknown possible plumbing tools

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I need some help Identifying some tools. I picked up a small toolbox at an estate sale, mainly for the Snap-on test light it contained. When I dug through it I found several odd tools and what appeared to be plumbing supplies -- lots of brass fittings and copper tubing. There were also lots of other plumbing fittings in the sale. I managed to identify most of the tools, even some handmade modified sockets, but there were a few items that I have been unable to find current versions of on any plumbing supply sites.
The first three are brass, and to my untrained eye appear to be some sort of jig, maybe for soldering pipe.

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The other two are steel bars with two pins protruding from one side. I thought they might be some kind of valve wrench.

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I collect vintage tools, although not generally plumbing tools, so I don't want to scrap what might be an interesting curio to someone. I already scored big with the items I got at the sale, so I am not looking to find out if they are extremely valuable, just want to see if I could pass them on to someone else, as others have passed on items they did not value to me. Any possible ideas or information would be very helpful.

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