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Advice please

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Hi Folks,

I have a huge problem know and I'd like some advice and suggestions. I remodeled the bathroom and since they install a new Delta system shower ( shower head and handler) I have problem with my water temperature.

Out of the blue the water that is on cold turns hot. My contractor took a look and told me that the installation is correct, but its not all the time that the water turns hot and that happens a few times but not all the time. So, its very difficult to diagnostic, every time that he came over the water was normal.

After the bathroom was done I had another problem, the shower water will not turn off, I replace the shower cartridge a few times and didn't fixed. I am waiting Delta send me a new original cartridge to check if we fix the problem. But the now I am worry about the water temperature if that could mess up something.

So, please give me a light and I appreciated every answer

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