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Simple Facts About Registry Cleaner That You Should Be Aware Of

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The dreaded blue screen error affects everyone at some point or another. Why these things happen is generally a mystery. Frequently when the http://registrycleaners10.com/speedypc-pro-review/ occur, a job is being executed and the suddenly the system crashes. A lot of figures and words flash across the screen and then your system reboots. Thus there's no concept of what caused the mistake.

To fix this problem go into the startup menu when windows is booting, and then find the option to avoid the computer from automatically restarting on problems. When the computer crashes again, the blue screen may indicate a lot of information that is generally unintelligible to the lay person. A number code will be that's about nine numbers long. Copy this down.

Next, do a search of the Microsoft knowledge base using the code you wrote down. The knowledge base is the number 1 application in figuring out what the problem is. After you have the data, you can go into your computer system and repair the error. Often it is a software issue, and other times it is a hardware problem. The two most typical reasons for a blue screen is due to failing memory and bad graphics drivers.

In the case of failing memory, there may be a few reasons for that as well. The computer could be dirty, the memory could be old, or the computer may be overheating. Most of these will give memory problems and cause blue screens.

You start with the simplest first, open the computer and observe much dirt and dust has accumulated. If the system is clear, then go to the next option. Check to see if the computer is overheating.

When the computer is first starting, press the del important or f2 key, they are the most common keys to get into bios. Different producers have different keys though. Once in bios, check the area beneath the advanced tab and go through the hardware monitor. This may supply the current running temperature of the CPU and the pace of the followers for the CPU and the frame. A good reading may be at or below 50 degrees centigrade. If this information doesn't be found by the computer, then there are applications that can be saved which will present the temperature as well.

If the temperature is high, then improving the circulation to dissipate the heat will accelerate the computer. This is often done by installing more cooling enthusiasts, or by opening the case a little bit.

The other cause of blue screens is the graphics driver. Clearing out the previous driver and reinstalling a new one will often take care of the problem. The drivers get corrupted after a while especially when applications are installed and refreshing the drivers will make the system balanced once more. While these will be the most common reasons for the blue screen, they are by no means the only causes.

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