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How to Decorate a Cake with Icing?

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Icing plays an important part in decorating a cake. Decorating a cake is actually quite simple. The problem actually is that the people who give icing recipes, just give the recipe but do not tell how to decorate a cake with that recipe! Here is how you do it.

The first important step is to let the cake cool completely before decorating it. Keep the cake on turntable. See to it that the icing is thin, so that it spreads easily. Place a chunk of thin consistent icing on the center of the cake. To keep the crumbs out of the icing is to just glide the spatula on the icing, without letting it touch the surface of the cake.

Next spread the icing, with a light hand on the top, towards the edge with a spatula. Once you have spread it, sweep the edge of the spatula from the outer part of the cake to its center, to remove the excess icing.

When you are done with the center, cover the center of the cake with icing, smooth it with the help of the spatula, by just slowly spin the turntable, do not lift the spatula. Do it until the sides are smooth.

Now move the cake a bit, rotate it and repeat the same procedure, but this time from a new side. Once you are done with the entire cake, allow it to crust for about 15 minutes. A simple cake decorating idea is to decorate it with dark and light shade of frosting. Just take it in a bowl and spread the icing over the cake.

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