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Toto eco drake

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Does anyone have any info or input on the toto eco drake toilet? Any info on replacing a toilet when the roughin is not 12", but only 11" 1/8? Help!

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  1. aoser331's Avatar
    Are you getting the rough in measurement off off the actual wall or the trim board?
    The 12" rough toilet should mount just fine with the 11" rough in...the tank may end up tight to the wall but you should be fine mounting it. To be on the safe side mount the bowl first, but don't set the bolts (tighten down) until the tanks is mounted just in case you move the bowl 1 1/4" or so...good luck.
  2. aoser331's Avatar
    oops meant 1/4"...not 1 1/4...thats asking a lot...but 1/4" is pretty safe, as far as adjusting on the flange...hope this is clear...