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Flange too High?

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I'm in the process of installing a new Drake CST744S toilet. A new floor was installed leaving the original flange 1/34" below finished floor. I reworked the flange to try to get it level with the floor, however, it ended up just slightly too high, about 1/16". When I place the toilet on the flange/floor it just about fits level, but rocks just ever so slightly. A couple of shims with get it level. Since the "Drake" only has a 3/4" lip it doesn't give any extra room for flange variance if it's a little too high. My question is, if I set this with a wax ring will it seal correctly or is the flange just slightly too high? it's almost too hard to tell if the stool is resting at all on the flange or the floor is just a little uneven.

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