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Lead Drain Pipe Removal

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Terry...Love your website
Have 6'x5' Bathroom
Tub at 9PM
CI Stack at 1PM
Toilet at 2PM
Vanity Sink at 3PM (lead drain + H & C supply in 4 1/4"ceramic wall tile
House built in 1954...All Lead drains
Looking for Safer Alternatives to remove Lead (NO TORCHING)
Without touching CI Stack
Tore out mosaic tile flooring, concrete and wire lath
(used cold chisel, mini sledge hammer and wet towels)...NO Jackhammer
took all summer, no problem, it was fun
I have a licensed, insured Plumber...wants to Torch (low heat) to remove Lead
Maybe low heat will soften lead for easier removal ?
Trying to find a Plumber willing to work with me to complete this job using Safer methods
I know I can remove the Lead and Oakum if someone shows me HOW 2
Asked Uncle Robert (86 yrs old) Master Plumber, but he doesn't Remember HOW 2
I am a Retired Lady who has always been interested in Plumbing
Everyone thinks I am crazy, maybe so, but I know there is a Safer Way
If you know of any Plumbers in PA 19405 who can HELP
please let me know
I Thank You for your time and look forward to hearing from you

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