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Sump Pump

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I am planning on installing a Zoeller sump pump. However, bedrock is only 4.5 inches below slab. What model pump & what switch would be best. p.s. am retired electrician, not plumber so any additional info would be appreciated.

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  1. aoser331's Avatar
    I have installed zoeller and hydromatic, as well as a dozen other brands of sump pumps in the past 30 years. I was always of the opinion that the 2 mentioned were the most reliable with a tethered mercury switch preferred, some prefer the diaphram type, consumer division at either mfg can give you figures on reliabilty. If the merc switch isn't tethered or doesn't ride on a rod, be sure to tether it correctly and thoroughly so that it's free to move without tangling...
    Glentronics has a newer pump that is now my number 1 choice for reliabilty and overall satisfaction. It's quieter, has more power and comes equiped with a fantastic duel switch . If for any reason the first switch fails, the second one operates the pump, provided that the power is on of course. At this time an alarm (9v battery) will sound telling you that the first switch failed. Check it out...Price may even be less than zoeller or hydromatic?Glentronics is the company that has been making the 'watchdog' back-up system, which is the top back-up system around, for years. Good luck.