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TOTO Drake comparison

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Will the TOTO Drake flush better than a higher flow 1988 toilet (cheap American Stantard, I think)?
Also my upstairs toilet has never flushed as good as the identical down stairs unit. Would reducing the 3" drain
to 2 & 1/2" just below the toilet make it flush better by giving it more siphoning power?

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  1. aoser331's Avatar
    Good rule of thumb, never reduce in the direction of flow, lol. Seriously, when the first low consumption toilets hit the market they were a 'work in progress'...the government put a mandate, the mfg's did their best but the first few years of mfg these things caused a lot of headaches. In the last couple years they have begun making a 'class 5' flush, a bigger trap on the toilet, these things work great, variety of mfgs but generally any class 5 flush toilet is gonna solve your problem...don't decrease in direction of flow !!!