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Recirculation Pump

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Can recirculation pumps go bad? If so how long do they generally last? I ask because there is hot water coming out of cold water faucet (there are seperate faucets for hot and cold) and I am trying to see what the solution would be. Could the check valve go bad?

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  1. aoser331's Avatar
    Circulation pumps go bad all the time BUT, you are getting hot water circulating into your cold water, right? This tells me that there is a good chance the pump is working ? Maybe you answered your own question though, if you think about it ???
    The check valve could be bad? Hey, I'd have to see how this was plumbed but if you think the problem is related to the recirc line or pump, do this for a quick answer...grab the water heater recirc line then have someone else turn the cold water on in a bath tub or lav faucet..something that draws cold water...even if the just flush a toilet while your holding the line...if the line gets hotter, it's your check valve more than likely...hey its a starting point...hope this helps...