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Balanceing Three Shower Tiles in a loop

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Hello folks, Looking for assistance in connecting three Kohler Shower tiles in a loop to ensure the same flow through each. This shower system has five heads, one main, one handheld and the three tiles. The supply pipe is 3/4" to the Temp Control Valve then 3/4" to a Diverter Valve which directs the water, through 1/2" PEX to the afore meioned heads. The three tiles are in a triangular configuration, so that when your sitting on the bench you have two at your lower back and one at your upper middle.
In the attached diagram the pipe is all 1/2" Pex with brass elbows and tees. The tees go to drop ear fittings whic would then have nipples fitted for the head to attach to. I may be able to get rid of the elbows if I can get the PEX in a tight enough bend.
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  1. Terry's Avatar
    PEX is a little undersized compared to copper.
    Normally you run a loop in 3/4". However it may be that with the restricted shower heads it may work. The Kohler instructions seem a bit slim, without dimensions. It looks like a 1/2" loop. If you are on a loop, I don't think the distance is going to be critical.
  2. Stewart's Avatar
    Hi Terry, thank you for your response. I too thought the loop should be 3/4" but the supply from the Diverter valve is 1/2" so I stayed with that. Plus I didn't think I should go from 1/2" to 3/4", thought there would be to much of a reduction in pressure.
    Thanks again,
  3. Terry's Avatar
    Increasing pipe size always increases flow.
    Reducing pipe size restricts flow.

    Pressure is always constant, but if you reduce pipe size, you increase friction. Have you ever tried drinking a milkshake through a tiny straw?

    Most water meters are 3/4", but increasing the water service pipe to the home from 3/4" to 1-1/4" increases the usable water that can be used at one time.
  4. Stewart's Avatar
    Ok Gotcha, I'm clear on the 3/4" loop. The question that remains in my mind is; can I feed the loop with 1/2". The diverter valve has 1/2" threaded holes to connect the pipe, therefore I figured the Pipe from the diverter to the loop should be 1/2". What would the effects be if I feed the 3/4" loop with 1/2" supply? Or should I go with 3/4" right from the diverter?
  5. Terry's Avatar
    You can feed 3/4" with the 1/2"
    I'm not sure whether it's needed with three heads though. The Kohler specs don't give you much.
    You will get more responces if this information was posted on the forum. I don't think anyone reads the blogs.