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Appliance Repair Safety

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Appliance Repair Safety

In servicing Appliance equipment, you must often expose Appliance components to observe the operation before you begin testing. Use reasonable caution and you should have no problem. Keep hands and fingers away from appliance moving belts and pulleys and from electrical connections. Do not wear loose clothing. Roll up your sleeves and take off your tie before removing the appliance service panels. Avoid cuts from sharp edges of stamped metal, particularly on the interior portions of appliances. Be sure all appliance panels are put back on the appliance machine when servicing is completed. If you must leave an appliance inoperative for any length of time, whether it's to get a tool from the workshop or to purchase a appliance repair part, be sure it's unplugged and that all water supply lines are turned off. Place a note on it to be sure that no one attempts to use it in the meantime. Lift with your legs and not with your back when it's necessary to move an appliance. Make a check of the appliance wiring harness and connections a part of every servicing and maintenance job you do. Replace or repair any broken or damaged appliance wiring and test the equipment for any leakage to ground before plugging it back in.
There's some danger in using any tool, even a hand tool. You would not, for instance, hold one hand behind a appliance screw while you tighten it with a screwdriver. Keep a secure grip on all tools and use them so that if they were to slip your hands could not fly into any sharp or moving parts of the appliance. Use goggles or glasses when you're operating a grinder, an electric drill, or any equipment where dust or flying particles is produced. Keep your fingers and hands away from drill bits and any moving parts on tools. Use all the protective devices with which your tools are equipped. Keep your work area clean and position yourself so that you're balanced and not likely to slip. Keep all your concentration focused on the appliance repair that you're doing. Be sure that your appliance repair tools and all equipment are in good shape, both electrically and appliance. And don't attempt to clean, adjust, or oil any appliance part of any appliance while it is running. Except for observations, it should always be unplugged and disconnected from the appliance power supply when the access panel is removed.
An awareness of the foregoing points while servicing home appliances offers you a good opportunity to improve the safety of your home appliances. Take note of broken or frayed cords and replace them. Check immediately any appliance situation that might produce an electrical shock. Check the grounding of all appliances.
In the appliance repair servicing procedures you should note that the recommended fists almost always advise use of resistance checks rather than voltage. This means that in all cases when the appliance is being tested serviced, the appliance cord is unplugged and it is disconnected from the electrical supply. In those very few cases where voltage checks are only method of making a test, we advise that the test prods of
If you have alligator clips attached. The appliance is then upsized, the clips are attached to the two terminals under test, the appliance plugged back in, and a reading taken. Then the appliance again unplugged before removing the clips. In these situations, the appliance repair procedure is made just as effective and much safer. In some cases such as testing a receptacle, test probs are sometimes inserted the receptacle for testing.

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