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Water Softener Help

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I recent purchased a Fleck water softener for our home. It's a 98K grain capacity but our water hardness is 48 and our iron content is 0.5ppm. Our water is great now that it's installed but there's so much water in the brine tank that I think one of our settings is wrong. It always overflows which we have draining out to our sump pump for the time being but I can't even open and close the cover without causing a suction and releasing more water through the overflow. I'm to the point now where it's time to refill the salt but I don't know how to get the water to the right level so I don't get water all over my basement....help! Our local plumber has never worked on Fleck water sofeners before so he's of no help and we originally purchased this online and the company is not responding to my inquiries.

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