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Americast Tub installation wobbly

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I am installing an Americast tub and have set the tub on a level stringer, but the back of the tub directly over the stringer is not level. It says the back right is 1/4 inch too high. Is it possible that the tub itself that sets on the stringer is not level?

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  1. thinkitthru's Avatar
    In addition....... the back left to front left is level and the front left to front right is level after putting a 1/4" shim under the front right. But the back left to back right is still not level. The level shows that the rear right needs to go down 1/8-1/4"(even though the stringer itself is level). Just to see if it would help, I moved the right of the stringer down 1/8-1/4" so it is no longer level (hoping the top back of the tub would be level) and the back right of the tub will now not set down on the stringer. No matter what, I can't seem to get it level. Even if all three edges are level, the back right corner is off. I am beginning to wonder if the tub is warped.
  2. margue12's Avatar
    I think you are right the tub must be slightly uneven, maybe so it drains properly? Sounds like you may need to shave the stringer.