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Wendy D 373

ASB Firenze Tub from Home Depot

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I know this post is from last year but I would not recommend it. I had it professional installed with the tub surround. Even though it is beautiful (tub is deep, shelves on the surround etc); I am ready to replace it. I had it installed June 2009 and it is getting mold around the base of the tub where the surround meets and water is following the edge of the tub/surround and actually ruining my wall on both ends of the tub. The tub is flimsy and has movement when you are in it. The contractor stated it was because of the styrofoam base & while he was still working in the bathroom; I contacted ASB directly. They told me that the tub has some movement or give but I should have stopped at that point & returned it. If anything else was done to firm this up; we could have voided the warranty and now; I don't know if I have any recourse. Even when my grandkids are in the tub; there is movement if they sit on the side til they get it. If you caulk; it won't hold because the tub moves while the surround doesn't. I'm totally disgusted plus the contractor kept all the paperwork. Luckily, I have my receipts from Home Depot to help me with ABS/Firenze. The person in Home Depot actually told me that he had a few complaints for the same reason & wouldn't recommend the tub to anyone. But it is alittle too late. If anyone has any advice; please do so. Money is very tight as with everything else right now but I can't afford to have the walls ruined and mold growing. Thanks~

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