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Dirty well water

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Hello, I hope someone can help us. We have a pounded well that is 197ft , it was drilled in 12/2002. We finalized our house in 7/2004, we have always had some black sand that a small filter has worked at the well house and at the point of entry to the house. We have occasionally gotten brown water and it usually clears up after a day or so. This time it started out cloudy (white in color) then went to a dark brown. We called our driller and they said you need to just run it out. After 6 hours and a lot of sand it cleared only to return the next day. We have called several drillers and they all have no clue as to what could be causing this problem. We have pulled the pump and had a pump guy come to video the well, he said that we have iron in the well the drop tube is PVC and there is black residue on the out side and orange color on the inside. He suggested we get the water tested and get a filtration system on it. However, this makes no sense, our neighbors well is close to ours and her water is fine. Why would this all of a sudden happen? The video showed no signs of a crack and the pressure was 175lbs before we pulled the pump. Also the torque arrester was broken could that be the problem. When they scoped the well the water was muddy down in the well. All of the remedies are very costly including suggestion that we drill a new well, we would feel better if all the suggestion came back the same but how do you know who's right? We have been with out water for going on three weeks now and this Momma is NOT happy!!!!

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