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Alternative plumbing under kitchen sink

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My wife and I have been considering replacing the kitchen sink. I have about 4 years plumbing experience in repairs and new construction.

We are looking at a double sink/black 33X22X 8 or 9. Acrylic or composite granite or granite.

About 6 months ago I was surfing the internet for install instructions to refresh my memory. I came across a site that I have not been able to find lately. The site showed an unconventional way to plumb the drain. The result was maximum space under the sink. Have you got any ideas about this "other" way to plumb the drain?

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  1. mcconnellplumbing's Avatar
    The 2" drain stub up comes up in the back of the cabinet space. A double wye fitting is used standing straight up. The center branch of the wye is the vent and continues on up and out. Each side branch (going off at an 45 degree angle from the vertical center) turns a 90 degree ell to horizontal and toward the center drain on each side of the sink. Then a p-trap is piped under each basket strainer. This eliminates the two diagonal drain lines to the sink and instead there is a drain line going straight back. I have also seen it where the p-traps were installed flat against the back wall and the drain lines from the basket strainers ran straight back to the p-traps and turned a 90 degree ell down.