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Shower p-trap and spigot replacement

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Good afternoon:

I am currently remodeling a restroom in our house. I am doing the work myself. It was recommended to me that if I was going to tear out the tile in the shower I should go ahead and replace the drum trap. I went ahead and broke the cement and was able to get to the drum trap and wye to which p-trap is connected. I noticed some moisture around one of the caps so I called a plumber. The plumber recommended replacing the entire section. You can see the picture at the link given below. After they completed the work, I stuck a hose into the pipe and turned on the water. Within 5 minutes of running the water I noticed the pipe where the bottom coupling is connected becoming moist. Would you please give me recommendations on how the plumbers needs to fix this correctly. Some other notes: The coupling connects close to the lead pipe where there is a 90 degree angle. The diameter of the lead pipe is not uniform. It seem like the coupling is too short.


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