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have auxiliary heat only

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I have a new Amana central air conditioner. Not sure of the lingo but its a two part deal with the compressor outside and the air handler in the garage. the air handler has a multi speed blower with circulate only type of functions, etc. Its supposed to be pretty advanced. 18.3 SEER. 4 ton unit. the compressor is asxc18.... and the air handler is mbv something or other. My problem is when the system is set on Heat, the blower comes on at a low speed like its set to do, I think its 600 cfm....but the heat strip doesn't seem to start until the difference between the temp and thermostat setting is 2 or 3 degrees then the system goes to Auxiliary, the blower speed goes up and it starts to heat. Seems to me like the heat strip is hooked up as auxiliary like it would be with a heat pump or something like that. But mine isn't.

2nd part of my problem is this. The system has only been in since July this year. I called the guy that installed it(approved, certified dealer) and can't get him to return the call.

I had a little customer service deal with them back when it was installed that was never really satisfied. It didn't cost him anything and the job was completed but he performed all of the work very differently (less thorough) than what he promised and we clashed a little over it.

I gotta get someone out her to fix it but how without having to just hire a 2nd guy.

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