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  1. Your water is easily treated with a standard softener. I know several guys who would be glad to sell you the correct equipment at a very reasonabl price. I would recommend a stacked tank system with a Carbon pre-filter on the top to eliminate chlorine. L

    Call Jason, 626-991-2418 and tell him Allan said to give you a good price on an eco-twin stacked unit.
  2. Im looking for a water softener for my home. I have a family of four below are stats from the water district that services us. What do you recommend?
    Are you in the LA area?

    Alkalinity as CaCO3 (ppm) 210
    Calcium (ppm) 77
    Magnesium (ppm) 18
    Potassium (ppm) ND
    pH 7.8
    Radon (pCi/L) 271
    Sodium (ppm) 50
    Total Hardness as CaCO3 (ppm) 246
    Total Hardness as Grains Per Gallon (gpg) 14.5
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