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  1. Thanks for the reply. I assume from your comment about the Chemilizer being a fully self proportioning base on flow unit that I can install it after my pressure tank. Just curious - I also just read from http://4pureh2o.com/ who claim to have come up with the 400 pellet feeder that it should be installed after the pressure tank; is that because the dosage shot comes out proportional to pressure? The two good things about them is less floor space taken because there is no chlorine tank to adjust & maintain and they are very simple devices- easy to repair/maintain. As you can see I am having a difficult time deciding. I just want the one that is the most reliable and causes the least grief. Thanks Terry.
  2. You recommended the non electric chlorine pump to take care of my Iron, manganese, & H2S. I think I prefer it to the pellet feeder. Pellets are pretty expensive. Also the chemilizer seems to be a proportional unit so I assume I can place it after my pressure tank and outside hose take off. I would like to avoid chlorinating water going to the outside hoses. Is that correct, can I install it after the pressure tank? Is this unit very loud, it will be in the basement under my kitchen and not too far from my bedroom? Also you mentioned the WQA trade show will be in Indianapolis; do you know the date? Thanks TAM (Terry)
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