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  1. Oh yeah - I know what you mean. I've seen that before as well. Although he seems to know his stuff very well, and is very helpful, and takes the time to help out a lot of people. I'm still trying to figure out the physics behind this gravity check valve situation though. I still can't figure out why it doesn't work at a 45deg angle. And more importantly, I don't understand why a checkvalve with a hole in it works any better than a ball valve 1/4 open....

  2. Hi Eric!

    haha, yeah, I'll explain. I like to read HJ's posts because he is a very knowledgeable and also gives people a hard time pretty often. Go back and read some of HJ's posts and you might see some examples.

    Pretty sad what I count as entertainment these days... lol

  3. Just read your response...

    "Your walking a fine line with hj, I think this is about to get interesting : ) "

    Dare I ask you what that means?


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