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  1. Here's another question for you...my inlet line on the plumbing is 3/4" CPVC. The Fleck 7000 has a 1" inlet flow valve. Obviously I could redo my inlet line from the well bladder to the softener as 1", but do you know of any 3/4" to 1" adapters for CPVC? If not, any thoughts on the 9000 SXT? That appears to be available in a 3/4" inlet....

    Thanks again,
  2. Chris,

    This website sells the Fleck 7000 and offers SST-60 resin and was the basis for my price comment:


    As to a prefilter--unless you get significant amounts of sand or your water is visibly dirty I don't recommend a prefilter. The reason is that it is not really necessary--the regular regeneration process of the softener clears small amounts of dirt just fine--and human nature is to forget to maintain such filters and that can cause significant problems if the filter loads up and reduces flow--it can cause the backwash of the softener to be inadequate because of low water pressure and that can cause the resin to fail with replacement of the resin as the only alternative.
  3. Bob,

    You seem to genuinely be willing to educate me on what I need, which is why I'm sending you a PM.

    Having said that, I'm fairly confident that a Fleck 7000 with SST resin is what I want to go with. Any suggestions on where to purchase this? You stated it can be had for under 700, but just about everywhere I check it's around 900ish. Furthermore, any suggestions/comments regarding a pre-filter for the system? My thoughts are to catch large sediments/reduce the risk of destroying your system should the well run dry, etc.

    Overall, I think that others have stated a Fleck is an excellent valve. With the additional media efficiency, I think it'll work for me. I'll need help setting up the timer, but I'll tackle that when I get there.

    Thanks in advance,
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