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  1. Saw your on-line duravit/geberit install from a few years back.Thanks for sharing. I have wanted one of these wall mount toilets for several years. Just bought a duravit wall hung toilet and plan to purchase the corresponding geberit in wall tank.Our local plumbing supply sales person had nothing good to say about them-issues with moisture in the walls, the toilet shifting ... but I grabbed the toilet in the color I wanted as it was only $227. So before we open up the wall, I'm exploring the wall tank before the full investment.'Read a forum in the UK with issues about a maddeningly hard to access leaky valve. Did you have any problems with the toilet after installation? Did you make the front cover the access panel or is it behind the tank? I'd like to put the access panel in the front.I can put the access panel behind it,thru a closet but I'd prefer to keep it in the bathroom. If we decide to do the installation, I'll let you know how it goes.
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