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  1. Hi Lakee911,

    This is a long shot, but I work for CDM and came across a message you posted here while sourcing for an I&C position currently open in our Chicago office ("I&C" and "WWTP" were two of my Google search terms). I wasn't sure how else to contact you, so I joined this site too. Who knows, maybe I will learn a few things about plumbing and remodeling in the process!

    We are hiring for an I&C Engineer in the 10 year range, ideally with WWTP (or industrial) experience in our Chicago office (I realize you are based in Ohio). I'm not sure how much experience you have, or if you would even consider this, but figured you may at least know of some other folks in the region who could fit the bill. If you would like to review the full job description, or forward it along to anyone, just let me know and I will shoot that over. Sorry for the unorthodox method of contacting you!


    Joe Rossetti
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