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  1. so your plumber says he uses a double wye, would it be like my #14 pis with the tops taken down lower to be almost the same as the upper vent?
  2. plumbers I asked use double wye's
  3. i can't believe this is going on?
    like what do our plumbers do to solve this simple problem??
  4. and I thought here in Montreal I had problems finding a dst and a dcf I found one at Wolseley, a plumbing reseller which they have in all Canadian provinces or you can purchase a dst online at home depot only on delivery

    I actually called the part manufacturer who couldn't sell it to me cuz i,m a nobody,lol, they only sell to resellers, a bribe to the guy on the phone didn't even work for a 5 dollar part, where is this world leading to, i tell you.
    the part NUMBER at wolseley is ABSTYD2X1K
    good luck
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