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  1. I am still very pleased with the Cadet 3 and I've recommended it to many friends and family. American Standard may have made some mistakes in the past and I can't say I would take a chance on their newer Champion 4 design, but the Cadet 3 is a very good performer and we've had no problems at all with ours. I know the Toto Drake is a very highly recommended toilet, and I ran into the same difficult decision when it was time to replace our older toilet, but I couldn't get the Toto without ordering it, so I went with the Cadet 3 simply because I was able to get it at Lowe's with no delays.
  2. I wondered how you feel about the AMerican Standard Cadet 3 toilets you bought for your own home after two years of service. We're not handy with plumbing repairs....I'm leaning hard towards the Toto Drake, although our contractor (well, actually his wife who does the ordering) is balking at Toto saying it is hard to get. I brought up the Cadet 3 and she was thumbs down on that, trying to push a Kohler Cimarron on us. We aren't going to get that.....I'm still leaning towards the Drake despite her fussing, but the AS Cadet 3 does continue to beckon me. Your thoughts?
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