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  1. New Shallow well losing pressure.

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    Hello All,
    I just took on a shallow well project and got it running. But Im having a problem with maintaining pressure when I run morea than one sprinkler head. The nuts and bolts:

    I have a 3/4 HP pump (pressure set to 30/50)
    A 8 Gallon Bladder tank (psi at 27-28)
    Static water is a 12ft
    1 1/4 Well tip with 4ft screen is at 26ft reduced to a 1 draw line going up to pump
    This pump will run all day at 43 psi on one sprnikler head but when I turn a
  2. Bathtub overflow plate

    Do they make an overflow plate wider than 3 1/4 "?
  3. Watering your lawn with sprinkler from sump pump discharge

    Is it possible to water your lawn with a regular sprikler head from your sump pump discharge?
  4. Toilet Swapout

    I have several Kohler Model K3402PB low boy toilets that I want to exchange for another standar or regular height brand such as American Standard etc. Can someone recommend something that has the same base configuration as my K3402PB.

    I do not want to have to recarpet or retile and a one for one exchange would be great.

  5. Toilet n tub not working yet sink are fine

    I have a problem with my toilet and tub yet I do not have issues with my sinks in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
    I have only one bathroom which was working for 4 months after a handyman replaced the cast iron pipes with ABS.
    I went down the crawl space and saw that he forgot to put a vent for the toilet. There is one for the tub and a seperate for the double sinks.
    I snake the toilet pipes after taking the toilet out and I still could see the water inches below the floor. If ...
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