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  1. Looking for partner for solar hot water systems

    This is Kelvin from Micoe Solar. Our group is top 1 in China, with the customers of Silicon Solar in USA, Bosch in German, etc, and hope to find a way to cooperate with any one who are concerned!

    As we are owning 5 production bases in China, we are confident to provide high quality high performance products to the world.

    Many thanks for your kind attention!

  2. Bradford White Lowboy Water Heater

    I have to replace a leaking water heater and I'd like to replace it with the same kind that has been there. It is a Bradford White Lowboy , 40 gal. capacity. Can I purchase one at a retail store ? Thanks for any help!!
  3. whats up with our hot water????

    We only get a hot shower if we turn on a cold water faucet, or flush the toilet. I had a plummer over for the day replacing the hot water heater. to his surprise we had cold water running running from the supply line and return line both. we had a mess when cold water sprayed out of the hot pipe. He said he never saw this before. We have individual hot and cold handles in all showers and sinks with no mixers. The hot water supply to the washer is off. This amazed him. Any ideas??
  4. Solar Water Heater System Showing flow in both directions??

    My company is monitoring some Solar water heating systems to determine how much energy they produce and some of the systems are showing flow in both directions. These Velux systems. We are showing flow in both directions between the cold water coming from the street before it even reaches the SWH system.

    Does anyone know why a customer on city water would have water moving in two directions?
  5. Outdoor Faucet goes on full blast---twice now.

    Quote Originally Posted by nanny123 View Post
    About same time last winter and now again, we have found our back faucet on full blast. ???
    We have water in house so I don't think anything burst nor is it too cold here, really low at night-0 to 10 degrees, but we live in SE Utah, desert area. Our home is only 2 yrs old but is a modular home. NOT sure what else you need but suffice it to say, it causes us great concern and I cannot seem to find anything about this except for insulating pipes, etc... CAN SOMEONE HELP B4 WE HAVE TO CALL