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  1. Lead Drain Pipe Removal

    Terry...Love your website
    Have 6'x5' Bathroom
    Tub at 9PM
    CI Stack at 1PM
    Toilet at 2PM
    Vanity Sink at 3PM (lead drain + H & C supply in 4 1/4"ceramic wall tile
    House built in 1954...All Lead drains
    Looking for Safer Alternatives to remove Lead (NO TORCHING)
    Without touching CI Stack
    Tore out mosaic tile flooring, concrete and wire lath
    (used cold chisel, mini sledge hammer and wet towels)...NO Jackhammer
    took all ...
  2. Water flow is greatly restriced.....

    For some reason if I turn on the water on either hot or cold full blast in the bathroom faucet after about 2 to 3 seconds the flow is reduced to a trickle....what is causing this?
  3. Duct system

    Quote Originally Posted by Suzcc View Post
    I had my duct work insulated. The seams were sprayed with a product by Dow - called great stuff for gaps and cracks, and then the ducts were wrapped with insulation. Since then, I can't use the system due to a terrible chemical smell when it comes on. I called Dow and they said the product max temperature rating is 240 degrees. The insulation company tells me this is not the problem. Can you tell me if it is the problem?
    Thanks for your help.
    S D

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  4. "other" forum

  5. how to connect well waterfor house use and irrigation system

    Have a deep well for house use and now want to connect into the system to use for irrigation watering but do not want to run the water through the aerator tank What wil I need and how do I do this.
    Thanks for your help.