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  1. Hot water bills too high?

    A while back I found a gas water heater timer on the internet. A friend of mine bought one. He is saving around 22% on his propane bill each month. That's big! Go to www.gaswaterheatertimer.com to see what it is.
  2. Buying New Moen Kitchen Faucet: Amazon vs. Local Plumbing Supply

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeplummer View Post
    here's how i handle this...if a customer opts to buy any fixture or equipment through me, faucet, sink, toilet, water heater, etc., then I will handle any warranty issues and no charge for service if required on said item for 1 year. If they supply it themselves then I don't give them the same "service warranty". That is my gaurantee that I will stand behind "my products", always bought through plumbing wholesalers.
  3. Thanksgiving clog messes

    It happens every Thanksgiving starting around 8pm when people are cleaning up their Thanksgiving meal, and continuing for 24 hours. We get lots of calls from customers with Los Angeles drain cleaning problems. Nearly all the drain clog calls are the result of customer negligence.

    Just 3 hours ago one of our service technicians went on an emergency call. Rather than simply throw away their uneaten turkey, the customer in their infinite wisdom decided to put her garbage disposal to ...
  4. North and West Vancouver Drain Line Inspections - service by John Whipple

    After a couple of weeks of

    "Will call you Tuesday to let you know when we have time, if there are no emergency jobs." and

    "Next Thursday we will know when we can make it." and

    "We need to do our emergency jobs first" and

    "Your slotted in on Friday next week"

    This was the service I received from Modern Drainage here in North Vancouver. My clients needless to say where less than ...

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  5. New leak on 9-yr old HansGrohe shower valve

    I just removed my shower valve cartridge assembly to clean (we had low water flow), the left side input screen (it was clogged with scale particles). I reinstalled the white plastic screen retainer (one one either side of the valve mechanism). I dabbed a little silicon grease on the o-rings and reinstalled the four screws. Turned the water back on to the house and got a cup of coffee. When I returned to the bathroom, water was dripping out of the hand held shower (shower fixture only--no tub). Turned ...
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