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  1. How The Undetectable Fence Technique Works

    When you have dog or some other pet that runs around inside your garden or perhaps backyard, then its your responsibility to make sure that it is really properly covered. You should consider the safety of the dog and also the problems that your canine can cause to the neighbors, that is yet another cause to have a containment system installed. A real system allow you to forget about anxieties that your pet might get hurt by people who might confuse his playfulness with aggressiveness. The Invisible ...
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  2. t in the mainline

    Quote Originally Posted by tbfyou View Post
    I rented a 100 foot snake yesterday but have had no luck getting it in. I've watched the plumber do this before, but I wanted to get out of the deal a bit cheaper. So I drop the snake in and try to feed it into the mainline, but I have a "T" shape down there. I can not get the snake to bend enough to go into the hole. What can I do? I gotta return this machine by 12 and it is 9am now.

  3. I just started a new tile setting company with a buddy of mine in Cleveland Ohio

    We specialize in residential and commercial tile setting and remodeling projects in the Cleveland area.
    Please check out our site - any sort of feedback would be much appreciated:

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  4. Drake 2 Round Fronts/1.28/Double Cyclone/ Sanigloss--Do they exist?

    I can't seem to find a Drake 2 Round Front toilet on any of the outlet/seller sites--it seems like everything is Elongated? Am I out of it or are there Drake 2 Round Bowls?
  5. Kitchen sink installation and plumbing under sink?

    Quote Originally Posted by Anita View Post
    I had to redo the plumbing under the sink because of a new sink.

    Is it OK to have a rise of 8-9 inches from the bottom of the trap to the exit hole?

    Also, does it matter which hose is used for hot vs cold water?