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  1. Culligan Water Softener

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    There might be away of resetting the culligan control board, but you will need the master programing manual. I have a pdf copy of a number of their boards.
    Drop a private message with an email and I can send it to you so that you can see if you can reset it.
    (I have the owners manual and reset it.
    There was quite a bit of Salt in the tank.I took out 2 25lb buckets full.After the first bucket ,I ran into a hard crusted Salt.I poked through that with a rod and it broke up nicely.The ...
  2. Water Heater Timer? Gas or Electric? Any recommendations?

    I highly recommend the GAS WATER HEATER TIMER. It has proven testing showing energy savings up to 36%. See it at www.gaswaterheatertimer.com Open the PDF on the website and check out the test results.

    This timer saves money on your gas bills, extends the life of your water heater, and can be used with any Home Automation or timer of your choice.
  3. Iron Filter / Water Softener - how to choose

    Using a softener for iron removal will work but is not a good idea. In your case you will double your salt usage. A softener will not get rid of the H2s. Some common methods are chlorinization, contact tank, backwashing GAC then softening. Pyrolox/Filox based systems are also a good choice but may still require some addtional oxidation if you have a low orp. Aeration, air injection, and many other traetment methods are available. Describe your waer supply. Pump, storage tank... this will ...
  4. New Bradford White Electric water heater nightmare

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    We are dealing with a host of issues since purchasing our brand new manufactured home from Legacy a little less than a year ago. The latest, the water heater. We have been handed off a number of times from Legacy to the Home Store to Bradford White to Locke. No help whatsoever from any of them. We noticed water leaking outside around the concrete pad. Underneath there is a pipe hanging down leaking water. We called a plumber. Examination of the tank revealed a rusted out surface of the entire top
  5. barry zucker plumbing

    What is code for a t&p pipe on water heater. The existing copper pipe enters into a steel water heater pan. The 1" pvc pipe end 6" above cement floor. Due to the water heater location, it is impossible to plumb to outside. The house was built in the late 1980's. Is there a grandfather clause for this situation?