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  1. Variation in TDS limit in boiler water

    Dear All,

    Can anybody tell me that why TDS limit decreases in boiler water with the increase in the boiler pressure.

  2. A few simple steps to get the most out of your septic system

    Hey all you fellow DIY people! I thought that since my main occupation is excavating and plumbing, I could give you some pointers on maintaining a healthy septic system. Septic systems are very costly and there is nothing worse than not being able to take showers or do laundry. So listen up! These are a few simple steps you can do to save yourself money and headaches:

    1.) Pump it!

    You should be having your septic tank pumped every 2-3 years. The reason being is that ...
  3. after how many days wood floor will start to buckle after water leak

    Unit above mine had water leak but I did not see any water at that time in my unit
    After I come home from small vacation 10 days later found that my wood floor buckled. Water probably get under wood floor thru chase
    After how many days wood floor will start to buckle after water leak?
    and is there any article about it I cannot find any
  4. Price pfister seats and springs can't find anywhere

    I am trying to find replacement seats and springs for a single lever bathtub faucet control circa 1990-2000 (I think). I have been to all the big box stores, plumbing suppliers, even spoke w/ a pp rep. Can anyone advise where I might find these elusive parts, very frustrating. Is my only option total replacement of the control?
  5. Schools Grants & College Scholarships

    Finding out ways and means of how you can pursue your higher education with the high costs can be a cause of concern for both parents and students. But with proper research of the variousSchool Grants schemes for financial aid or college grants will give you a solution especially because some of these aids include federal school grants where the students donít have to pay the aid after graduation and it can be utilized to cover ant expenses while attending college. Federal grants is decided on ...