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    If your Schluter Shower grill is stuck in the Kerdi Drain trim flange it is most likely the fault of the person tiling and grouting the shower. If some setting material or grout is wiped into the space between the grill and the trim flange - then removing the grill can be a challenge.

    Remember that the trim flange is set in plain non-modifed thin-set and might not be so thick. You do not want to exert to much force for fear of de-bonding the tile around the drain. It is safer to first wet the grout or setting material at the drain for a good thirty minutes. I carefully use my box cutter blade to remove the material bit by bit.

    If there is a lot then repeat the process. Re wet the material and then rake out the material again.

    L.C. wrote me that his contractor has not come back to remove the shower drain which is stuck and asked how to get it off. He managed to remove the screws shown in this picture but the grill does not come out.

    Notice below the grout set into the drain (between the outer drain flange) and the removable grill. Mostly on the top left side below. You can cut yourself so easily with a box cutter. Be careful with your strokes. The drain is stainless it can handle some scraping with a sharp blade - your hands, fingers and thighs can not!

    Once this is done you need to hook the grill with something. The Grill lifting key from ACO is perfect for this. In a pinch some times a coat hanger works or your keys.

    If the grill does not come up easy do not force it. Try repeating the steps above. Perhaps a slight sideways pressure will pop it free. A standard screwdriver and rubber mallet pretty safe tools I think. Careful the screws don't fall down the drain. They are stainless and will not be picked up easy with a magnet.
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    I found a good link here (http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/co/ren...refash_024.cfm) on basement construction. There are some good diagrams for what your basement walls should look like.

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    The shower above was fixed by the installation of the "Anti Air Lock" collar and threw hole. I have since improved the install to include 306 stainless steel and a cleaner look. The proto type install worked wonders and the drain is working perfectly right now.

    All three of the installations failed in Vancouver with flow rates under 5GPM and one even with a flow rate of 2GPM.

    By Any Design Ltd.
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    When designing a barrier free shower flow rate is critical and is affected by many factors. Pipe size. Venting. Volume of water. Direction of water flow and on and on. I have privately tested many of these new shower drains in my lab. Or as my wife calls it "HER LAUNDRY ROOM". One constant thing I have measured in high flow rate settings is the build up of water above the strainer - this can be between 3/8" and 5/8" depending on strainer design and how the water enters my test boxes. If your design a barrier free shower do not set the drain any lower than 3/4" below finished floor height!

    If you love the look of these new tile top drains make sure you realize that in your environment you may need to alter the look and add in the "Anti Air Lock" feature. As we install more I'll measure the flow rates and positions of the drains that don't work. As of today I know of four reported failures - three here in Vancouver and one in Chicago.

    Above you can see a 5"x5" tile top under water. This effect seams to happen only when the drain is dry and right after the shower is turned on. This drain design from Laticrete is a new design and differs already from the print image in the instructions. The instructions show similar feet that the drain does not have. The drain above was a similar design to the picture on the Laticrete install instructions.

    The little nubs or air bubble poppers might be the missing link the old tile top drain designs lacked.

    Time will tell.

    John Whipple
    By Any Design Ltd.
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    You need to be careful using different types of cleaners on your shower floor. If you are not comfortable with this work hire a pro to help. Or if you would rather be hiking or gardening - call a pro instead.

    John Whipple - By Any Design Ltd.