View Full Version : Addition to Bedroom ???

08-31-2006, 06:46 AM
I have decide to add on about 10x10 addition to the small bedroom and turn it into a extra bath. 1st question is the outside wall has a 4 0 x 4 0 window centered in it. I am going to have to take out the studs on the wall which we have trusses, and then I gues the best way wouuld first brace up that wall and the add 2 2x12 and plywood glued to make a header over this area. The question is if I go about 4.5 inches on each side with cripples and set the header in, then nail.

Next question is what is the best way to when you are doing to concrete, drill dowel into the excisting slap if so how many or would it be better just to put a pier and Beam set up if the City will allow this to happen since I have a slab foundation now in Irving Texas.