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05-23-2006, 08:33 PM
I know this sounds wierd. Almost unbelievable, but I hit the flush handle as usual on my American Standard Champion I installed about August, 2005 - expecting to hear the loud bam!..Nothing. The handle is now limp, doing nothing at all. The toilet did not flush. No fill water sound was heard and to top this all off... I cannot remove the the tank top to check out whatever is going wrong. I suspect an unusual vacuum has been created in the tank by the water wanting to flush, but the seal (there is no seal) between the tank top lid and the tank will not allow the water to move to the bowl. I have a basic problem believing I may have the one in a million toilet that has a perfect matching surface between the tank lid and the tank, that does not allow air to flow into the tank when flushed. It has worked fine for nine months. I have tried to remove the tank lid now for two days and it will not budge. I mean - it is as though the lid is welded to the tank. I am afraid I will break something major if I continue to try to get the lid off to check this out. I am thinking of drilling a small hole through the lid, or maybe in the tank - way up close to the lid to relieve the vacuum. I sure would be grateful for any advise. weazybear@yahoo.com

05-24-2006, 03:53 AM
What have U used to tap the lid? Try a rubber mallet and tap the underside of the lid on all 4 corners. Did you install it or did you have a handy man do it.
Have you ever had the top off since it was installed?
I don't think you have a vacume going on there but weirder things have happened.

05-24-2006, 05:51 AM
Thanks CASS. A vacuum in the tank could not happen because air gets in through the flush handle hole and a large cut out in the rear of the tank. I tend to complicate things. The rubber hammer trick worked just fine. A couple taps on the corners and it popped right off. I re-clip'd the chain that had come off the flush handle and I used spray silicone on the inside of the tank lid to prevent future bonding. All back to normal. Thanks again! ...weazybear from Parma, Ohio