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05-19-2006, 12:53 PM
I'm interested in which features and models of Dual Flush toilets that consumers are talking about. At times I find myself in a position to recommend newer technologies in my community...and I do.

My feeling is that now that the Toto Aquia is now at it's one year anniversary in the US-people need/want to mnake informed decisions based on individual needs and wants.

Dual flush is relatively new in this country and no one has a clue about what to look for in selecting a brand.
I am including retailers as well. In my area I wil tell you that my rudimentary knowledge gleaned from Terry is vastly more than the sales and management team at the local Pacific Sales and Ferguson dealers out here.

Although I did not purchase from either of these vendors...I'm not saying that in a negative way at all. No one at the local Pacific sales had even heard of the Aquia....even though they sell and display various Toto models.

In any event I want to know where this is all leading and what are the commercial applications possibility. I'm close with people who are open to trying newer technologies commercially. But only if they make sense on a number of levels and work as well as older technologies.

Are any consumer reviews being planned...does anone know?

I guess there are 4 or 5 now? Kohler-Toto-Caroma and....?

If you dont have one and are wondering what the fuss is about it's pretty simple. Flushing waste/paper down a toilet drain effectively utilizing less than a gallon of water presents some design challenges.

05-19-2006, 01:09 PM
Additionally and BTW: Several months back I had requested Toto to send me some literature that was needed for a local community
event here. And Whaddaya know out of the blue....I get a call from one of the principal Executives from Toto.

So we got on pretty well and it turned into a 45 minute conversation.
So Anyway......he advised me that Toto is coming out a new version/make of the legendary Drake which people rave about.
..And it will be a Dual-Flusher.
Thats all I know at this juncture. I do plan on going to an Expo in Los Angeles next month and I will post about any developments if anyone is interested...

05-28-2006, 12:03 PM
I see now that "Western" has released a dual flush toilet as well in their new products section. Button on tank top.

If anyone knows how many firms are making these toilets....I'd like to know. I'm trying to follow where this all going...