View Full Version : Toto Drake, Dalton and American Standard Champion Real World Review

05-15-2006, 11:44 AM
Real Quick - I installed the Toto Drake, Dalton and AS Champion and family of four used for 6-9 months. Sam's Club tp, healthy family. Choice based on availability, price and bathroom location.

1. American Standard Champion:

Install: silly tank to bowl leaking issues first day solved by proper use of rubber and brass washer (save the provided tool), had to really tighten the bowl/tank bolts to get a firm set, not the greatest feel/quality

Use: silly clunk when flushed, NO leaking flush valve seal (yet), HAS ALWAYS CLEARED THE BOWL - NEVER A DOUBT

2. Toto Drake:

Install: perfect, easy, perfect, high quality

Use: quiet, high performance flush, HAS ALWAYS CLEARED THE BOWL but ONCE OR TWICE OF THE TIME IN DOUBT

3. Toto Dalton:

Install: better than okay but not as good as Drake, the rubber gasket around the bowl seems to be too thick - had to tighten the bowl/tank bolts more than I thought to get a firm set

Use: quiet, semi-high performance flush, it seems the water sits too low in bowl which allows tp to settle on the bowl sides, sometimes have to double flush to remove sticking tp from sides, but otherwise very good

Pure Flushing Performance (best to good): AS Champion, Drake, Dalton

Quality of Product (flush noise, fill noise, assembly): Drake, Dalton, As Champion

All 3 get the job down. Money is no object? Toto Drake hands down.

Drake 800 grams by Veritech Video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmuzFve6O4k)