View Full Version : terry - follow up on toto question

05-12-2006, 03:56 PM
Thanks for the replies. Terry I have some follow up questions.

I currently have the red flapper. I presume that Toto is mailing me the blue flapper which they indicate closes slower thus letting more water out of the Tank to help the flushing action.

Does the amount of water in the bowl have any significant impact on the flushing results or because this is a G-max the critical flush capacity is dictated by the water leaving the tank. The length and width of the water in the tilted bowl is 8x6 inches and the level bowl is 10x8 inches.I hope not as there is little I can do structurally and my plumber stated he can not raise the back without breaking the seal.

My toto in question is not balanced 100% and the bowl is a about 1/8 inches
higher in the front. I presume this is the reason I hear water draining out as the bowl. The fill is set to the standard amount and the syphon is tilted back a little thus the water is seeking a new level to the syphon height due to the uneveness

I am a new member and want to pass on my compliments . This is a very helpfull web site. Thanks for all the prompt answers.