View Full Version : OK, toilet review after 1 day...(kohler vs. toto)

05-05-2006, 12:58 PM
As i posted in the other thread, i bought a Toto "Supreme" yesterday...i was on a roll and feeling froggy so i also got a Kohler Cimmaron for my master bathroom.

The supreme installed relatively easy (considering its a one piece...pretty danged heavy for one person). I had to reconnect the water supply a couple times (actually had to use the old rubber nipple/gasket, the one that was supplied didnt work..too small).

Put the Kohler in MUCH quicker eventhough it was a two piece. I guess since it is bigger it was easier for my big belly to get around to everything :)

Toto = ok, not bad, better than what i had
Kohler = AWESOME

Obvious difference in performance, the Kohler has a MUCH stronger flush and the water moves around the bowl better.

Kohler = "chair height", im 6'5" so its great
toto = shorter and the bowl is smaller...great for my 5'1" wife and kids.

Bottom line, the kohler will be "mine", the toto will be the families!

If i had more room i would take the kohler over the toto but since i have so little room, the toto fits perfect!

Thanks for the help fellas!!

05-07-2006, 01:11 PM
Having done a lot of installs, I can safely say, that pulling a one piece toilet out of the box and sticking it down on the wax, is much quicker and easier than assembly a tank to a bowl, and then sticking it down.

Unless, you can't lift the toilet without help.
We don't have that worry.
I can carry a one-piece toilet through the house with one arm.

Water supplies are standard on toilets.
Many of the toilets are using either a Fluidmaster, or the Korky Quietfill.
The threads are the same.
Most installers don't use the plastic bits that come with the toilets for that purpose, but use a water supply that comes complete with seals.

I've had both the Cimmarron and the Toto installed for use, I would give both some time.
The trapway on the Kohler is a bit flatter on the lower end, and did wind up clogging more.